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Contract Review and Document Drafting

Ensure that your legal documents protect your best interests in foreign jurisdictions.

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Your contracts and legal documents govern your business relationships and directly affect the way your company operates. However,  foreign jurisdictions may have differences in laws, interpretation, or enforcement that could leave your business vulnerable as you enter new markets. Our contract review and drafting service connects you with top-rated business lawyers who can review and/or draft contracts and legal documents to help protect your business. 

Request this service if you want to

  • Have a lawyer  review an existing contract to ensure all terms are enforceable in the foreign jurisdiction.
  • Have a lawyer review and compare the translated version vs. the original version of the legal document.
  • Have a legal document drafted in any of the English, Chinese or French languages.


How it works

Benefits of contract review & document drafting


Don't wait weeks for a lawyer to examine your documents, get them reviewed in days, all from your own office


Rather than paying expensive retainer fees, you'll pay a one-time fee to have your documents drafted and/or reviewed.


Our lawyers have experience in China and North America, ensuring your documents are legally sound in both continents